Eye-Sat is a triple Cubesat for an astronomy mission studying zodiacal light and the milky way.

The Eye-Sat astronomy mission has two major goals:

  • A scientific goal which consists in observing the zodiacal light in the visible domain, in polarized and non-polarized light and make a deep and comprehensive image of the Milky Way in colour.

  • The second goal is to embark new technologies to test them. These technologies come from CNES R & T sufficiently mature to be embedded on Eye-Sat.



To meet all scientific objectives, the instrument should take the form of a small space telescope. In particular, it will have to embark a detector, in order to transform the incident light into electric current.

The triple CubeSat format imposes a limitation on the power available on board. To this end, the instrument must have a CMOS detector, and not a CCD as it is traditionally the case for spatial observation missions.