University Space Center Toulouse

The university Space Center of Toulouse (CSUT) is a Group of Scientific Interest (GIS) created on June 28, 2016 during the Toulouse Space Show. It is supported by ISAE-SUPAERO and brings together eight academic and research partners:


ENAC, National School of Civil Aviation

INP Toulouse , bringing together engineering schools: ENSAT, ENSEEIHT, ENSIACET, ENIT, ENM and PURPAN

INSA Toulouse, National Institute of Applied Sciences

ISAE-SUPAERO, Higher Institute of Aeronautics and Space, holder of CSUT

UT3, University of Toulouse 3, Paul Sabatier University

IRAP , Research Institute in Astrophysics and Planetology (Midi Pyrénées Observatory)

LAAS, Laboratory of Automation and Systems Architecture

ONERA, National Office for Aerospace Studies and Research


CNES, National Center for Space Studies, is an associate member of the CSUT and supports the CSUT by the projects PERSEUS (launchers) and JANUS (nano satellites students).


The CSUT organizes the development and realization of collaborative and innovative projects of space nano systems mainly using nano-satellites (Cubesats) or stratospheric balloon flights to carry out scientific or technological missions. It thus participates in the training of future actors in the space field and supports the research actions of its members or partners in the field of miniaturized space systems.


The CSUT also provides national and international visibility to the projects in which it participates through the organization of workshops and seminars, conferences and summer schools and the publication of the results obtained.


The CSUT is based on a team of 8 engineers and permanent teachers / researchers, and 7 engineers on fixed-term contracts.


Current projects aim at developing a Cubesat 3U die (a U corresponding to a 10 cm square cube) and a Cubesat 12U die.


The CSUT is thus involved in the realization of 5 projects 3U:


ENTRYSAT   : first cubesat 3U developed by ISAE-SUPAERO, for the study of the atmospheric reentry. To be launched end of 2018.

EYE-SAT : high performance cubesat 3U developed by CNES in a student setting, for a scientific mission of astronomy. Must be launched early 2019.

NIMPH  : cubesat 3U, in-orbit test of opto electronic components for future space communications, based on the capitalization and experience of the two previous Cubesats. Should be launched in 2020.

SPECTRA : cubesat 3U developped in partnership with the Ecole Nationale Supérieure de Techniques Avancées Bretagne, for the study of the electromagnetic spectrum.

CREME : cubesat 3U developped in partnership with ONERA for the study of the Earth radiation belts.


The CSUT participates in the realization of 2 projects 12U:


ATISE   : cubesat 12 U developed in cooperation with CSUG (University Space Center of Grenoble), for the study of polar aurorae.

HESTIA   : cubesat 12U developed for the study of urban heat islands with a miniaturized instrument in Thermal Infra Red.